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well he really should have worn more protective clothing if he didn’t want that to happensounds to me like he was asking for it

Are we really sure he was actually shot and decapitated? Idk, sounds like something he would’ve made up. Guys make false decapitation accusations all the time, you know. 

If he didn’t want to be decapitated, he shouldn’t have worn a shirt that showed off his neck

I mean, not all woman decapitate people. I’m not like that.

This is an urgent call to action. Please read, share and “like to dislike” this important post. How would you feel if you were a 13 year old girl starting to menstruate - and had only two pairs of underpants? That is exactly what appears to be happening on Nauru. And we won’t stand for it. It’s time to send tampons to Scott Morrison again, to register our outrage.  Our tampon protest started seven months ago, when reports came from refugee advocates that women asylum were being ritually humiliated as they were forced by needed to ask guards for sanitary products that were doled out one or two at a time. These reports came on top of a woman being separated from her baby, doctors reporting asylum seekers being denied proper medical treatment, a high number of miscarriages and a sick pregnant women asking for medical assistance being told to “lower her expectations”. Two months ago we paused this successful campaign, as we believed the inhumane treatment of women in refugee camps had largely stopped. Today, however, we learn this doesn’t seem to be the case.  Among other human rights abuses of asylum seekers reported by Save the Children advocates on Nauru was this report: ”A 13-year-old girl who started menstruating on Nauru but had only two pairs of underwear ‘She felt shame because … each day she had to wash her underwear and hang them to dry in front of her father which was not culturally appropriate.’ “ This demeaning of refugee women by our Government must stop. We’re re-activating this campaign. Please send Scott Morrison a sanitary product – just one unused one. Or, you could send clean underwear, if you prefer. Your delivery to his office symbolises the humiliation that occurs in secret for women in our detention centres here and off shore. Let’s flood him with our disapproval. It’s up to you, Destroyers. This protest has attracted international attention and also sends a message to refugee women in detention that they’re not ignored. Please send to: Scott Morrison MP Minister for Immigration and Border Protection PO Box 6022 Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Telephone: 02 6277 7860 Fax: 02 6273 4144 Email:

In another world, Claustral Canyon in the Blue Mountains / Australia (by VernsPics).

Ruins of Madame Sherri’s Castle in Chesterfield / New Hampshire (by Usonian).

Blausee (The Blue Lake) in Kander Valley / Switzerland (by Chacal1233).